Recruiting PhD students and Postdocs

Yes, I am currently recruiting both graduate students and potential postdocs for the many projects we have going here at Cornell.

If you’re a PhD, or about to graduate, and interested to join our group, please send an email to me and Doug MacMartin ( with a CV and tell us what you’d like to work on and why you’d like to join the lab. More info are available here.

If you are interested to pursue a graduate program with me, you will need to apply through the Cornell program. See instructions here. However, you are more than welcome to contact me, and I am happy to give you feedback on a potential Statement of Purpose that will be required by Cornell. In this statement, it will be helpful to write why you’d like to join our group, and what kind of research you would like to do. So it would be good for you to have such answers in mine before contacting me. If you do have them, I will gladly schedule a short call with you discussing the opportunity. Please understand that application is competitive and only about 10\% of those that apply are accepted. In general, PhD. students have priority over MS students. Our program can accept students in the Ph.D. program with a bachelor’s degree.